Our Staff

Knowledgeable & Friendly team

Our employees at Dame’s are not only knowledgeable about the wines and liquors they sell; they are also fantastic at customer service.

If we don’t know an answer to your question, we’ll use all of our resources to find it out for you. If you aren’t really sure what you need, we’ll guide you toward a sensible solution.

And when putting together a cocktail or picking out a wine, they’ll take the time to show you a top shelf option as well as a more affordable option that is comparable. Our employees are truly happy to help.

While the average wine consumer entering Dame’s knows what they want in terms of year and quality rating, this shouldn’t discourage you from entering with no idea what to look for. If you’re looking to impress a date or head to a fancy dinner party, Dame’s employees will guide you through food pairings and quality to make sure you make a good impression.

The quality of the customer service and the huge variety of wine and spirits is sure to make a loyal customer out of you. Dame’s Discount Liquor & Wine has the friendliest people, a prime location, and a wealth of knowledge to make your next wine or liquor run a breeze.

Kathleen Dame (Owner) & Robert Belcher (CFO/Consultant)

Bud Randa

General Manager Bud Randa, after 26 years in the hospitality industry, came on board in 2006, bringing a cheerful attitude a strong desire to learn the business from the retail side. Unabashed Chicago Cubs fan.

Matt Whalen

Matt Whalen (over 12 years at Dame’s) is an ex-banker who now serves as the customer service and product manager at Dame’s. His curiosity and knowledge of our products (especially whiskey) is unparalleled and his pleasant personality makes him the go-to guy!

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