Our Store

In Business for Over 50 Years

Kathy Dame and her late husband, Rod, opened for business in 1972 with a very small inventory. Rod was helped by his brother, a silent partner in the business, who gave them $4,000 to get started.

Bob Belcher, a local liquor and wine salesman who now has nearly 50 years of experience in the  industry, has been a major factor in Dame’s success throughout the years. Belcher and another local salesperson helped Kathy and Rod stock up their shelves for their grand opening.

This kind of honest and kind-hearted spirit that started Dame’s is a huge part of why they’re still so successful; not to mention every employee is seen as family and the group works together like a well-oiled machine.

Great Location

Dame’s Discount Liquor & Wine is located right on Route 3 at the entrance of the Lowe’s Plaza adjacent to Market 32.

An easy to find, easy to get to location,  Dame’s has an entrance that faces the Market 32 parking lot - a short step from grabbing your groceries to grabbing  your wine, without having to drive around.

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